Transfer large files, there are several reliable services available

The Fastest Large File Transfer Service For Media

When you need to transfer large files, there are several reliable services available.

Here are a few options:


Features: TransferNow allows you to send and share files up to 250 GB per transfer. You can use it via email or create simple sharing links from any device (smartphone, tablet, or computer) using just a web browser.

Additional Features: With a TransferNow account, you get higher transfer capacity, the ability to track your sent files, and a complete dashboard for managing your transfers.

Business Use: For business purposes, you can take advantage of multi-user service subscriptions, add collaborators, and customize your account.

Security: Files are available for up to 365 days before being automatically and permanently erased from their servers.

Link: TransferNow.


Features: SendBig allows you to transfer files securely. They use SSL/TLS protocol for safety and privacy. Files are stored in ISO 27001 certified data centers.

Limit: You can transfer files up to 30 GB.

Link: SendBig.


Features: Smash is a super-fast and secure large file transfer service.

No registration is required, and your files are stored in your country (United States).

Limit: There are no file size limits.

Link: Smash. Features: offers free transfers of up to 6 GB of photos, videos, and documents.

You can send large files via email or shareable links.

No Registration: No need to register; just simple file sharing.



Features: WeTransfer is a straightforward way to send files globally.

Share large files and photos with a limit of up to 2 GB for free.

Ease of Use: File sharing made easy!

Link: WeTransfer.