Multiple benefits of using CAPTCHA

Captcha is an automated public test, used for all websites that want to limit the use of bots.

Maintaining poll accuracy - CAPTCHA can prevent poll distortion by ensuring that every vote is entered by a person.

While this does not limit the total number of votes that can be cast, it prolongs the time required for each vote, discouraging more votes.

Restricting Registration for Services - Services can use CAPTCHA to prevent bots from sending spam to registration systems to create fake accounts. Restricting account creation prevents waste of service resources and reduces the possibility of fraud.

Preventing Ticket Inflation - Ticket systems can use CAPTCHA to restrict scalpers from buying large numbers of tickets for resale. It can also be used to prevent fraudulent registrations at free events.

Preventing Fake Comments - CAPTCHA can prevent bots from sending spam to bulletin boards, contact forms, or review sites. An additional step required by CAPTCHA may also play a role in reducing online harassment through inconveniences.

There are three basic categories by which we divide CAPTCHA and they are: text, audio and image.

We also have a CAPTCHA with mathematical functions, with applications for social networks via its profile or a Google captcha which is the simplest but also offers a traditional image chaptch.

Chapcha offers protection against DDOS attacks, improves website performance and optimizes bandwidth costs with CDN, enables legitimate traffic and prevents bad traffic, keeps apps and APIs within a secure network.