Article Submission Sites

An important segment in internet marketing are the articles we write and put on the web. In digital marketing, there are various techniques that can boost popularity, rank better on search engines and gain more traffic to your pages. An essential technique is writing and submitting articles related to our blog, company, business, etc.

This technique allows optimization for search engines outside our site known as Off page SEO. The goal of submitting articles is to run campaigns without paying for ads and increase traffic.

Article submission is one of the most effective, reliable, and accessible Seo techniques we can apply.

Article submission refers to the process of submitting original high-quality articles to well-known websites or directories that yield better search engine rankings. Writing style, keywords, quality texts and backlinks that increase our traffic, authority in a particular area and ranking on search engines. clients.

We have monogo sites that are member browsers to which we can submit articles:, Github,,,,,,,, etc.