A leading recruiting software and hiring platform used by companies worldwide

JOBS Service

A job service platform is a digital platform that connects employers seeking to hire workers with job seekers looking for employment opportunities. These platforms facilitate the recruitment process by providing a space where employers can post job listings and job seekers can search for relevant positions. Here are some well-known job service platforms:

Upwork: Known as the World’s Work Marketplace, Upwork connects businesses with freelancers across various domains. You can post jobs, browse professionals, and hire top talent. It’s trusted by many companies and offers a wide range of skills

ZipRecruiter: A comprehensive hiring platform that allows employers to post jobs and find qualified candidates. It’s highly rated by clients and offers a user-friendly experience

Handshake: Specifically designed for students and recent graduates, Handshake helps you connect with recruiters, professionals, and employers. It’s a great resource for career advice and networking

Workable: A leading recruiting software and hiring platform used by companies worldwide. It manages the entire hiring process, from sourcing to onboarding, and offers world-class features

Indeed: Indeed is a comprehensive job search engine that aggregates job listings from various sources. Job seekers can search for positions, upload their resumes, and apply directly through the platform.


Monster is another popular job board that features job listings across different industries and locations. It provides tools for job seekers to create profiles, upload resumes, and receive job alerts.


Glassdoor not only lists job openings but also provides company reviews, salary information, and insights into company culture. It’s a valuable resource for job seekers researching potential employers.