The system utility software covers memory testers, network utilities, registry cleaners and anti-virus

Utility Software

Utility software plays a crucial role in maintaining and optimizing computer systems. Browse some common types of utility software:

System Utilities

The system utility software covers memory testers, network utilities, registry cleaners and anti-virus.

File Management Utilities

Archivers, backup software, data compression utilities and file managers fall in the category of file management utilities.

Storage Device Management Utilities

All the disk related software utilities fall into this type of utility. They can be disk checkers, disk partition editors, disk formatters, disk space analysers and so on.

Miscellaneous Utilities

All the remaining utility software can be included in this type, for example, data generators, hex editors, HTML checkers and merge programs. Sometimes it can be one of the best tools to track your email.

Backup Utilities

Backup utility software helps prepare a copy of databases, files and documents. Backup utilities save information so that files can be retrieved in case of loss or theft. This type of utility software also helps improve the performance of your system.

Antivirus Antivirus or anti-malware is a threat detection tool designed for eliminating all types of viruses, malware, and other cyber threats from your devices. Antivirus software is crucial for protecting the data and maintaining system security.

Backup Software

Backup software creates a backup of files by preparing supplementary copies of databases and documents. The software performs both incremental and differential backups as well as data compression for securing the files.

Data Synchronization

Tools These tools help synchronize the data between two and more devices. Data synchronization tools are required for accessing the data from mobile devices and the cloud.

File Management System

The file management system is used for handling digital data by organizing the files within a system and providing a searchable database for easy retrieval. Also, called file managers, these are essential for managing the files for maintaining business workflows.

Disk Management Tools

Disk management tools are deployed for managing windows supported disk-based hardware. You can use these tools for managing flash drives, optical disk drives and hard disk drives.

Disk Clean-Up Tool

Disk clean-ups help clean the disk space within a system’s hard drive. It removes unwanted files from a system.


Debugger is a kind of utility software for detecting and correcting errors in different computer programs. Debugging tools utilize instruction set simulators for controlling a program’s execution.

Screen Savers

Screen savers fill the blank space on a computer screen with patterns, moving images and wallpapers. These can be customized too as per a user’s requirement.

Clipboard Managers

Clipboard managers are deployed for optimizing the document copying process from a computing system. The utility software supports data syncing, configurable hotkeys along with capturing screenshots and clipboard histories.

Disk Space Analyzers

This utility tool visualizes the disk space by assessing the size of each file in a drive or a folder. The system utility tool handles disk formatting and disk partitioning too.

Network Utilities Network utilities help configure a device’s network by checking data transfers, logging the events as well as configuring network settings.

System Monitors

System monitors are trusted for tracking system resources through widget engines. Monitoring software also tracks and observes a network’s services, applications and user activities.

System Profilers

System profilers offer detailed information about the hardware attached and software installed on a system. In Windows, the platform is available as properties under the My Computer section.

Cryptographic Utilities

These utilities are effective in file decryption and encryption. The utility software further helps convert ordinary language into codes and vice versa. Registry Cleaners Registry cleaners help remove old and out of use registry keys. It also fixes corrupted and invalid entries.

Other popular types of utility software for Windows & Mac are archivers, disk space analyzers, file managers, system profilers, memory testers, and more.