Twitter ads to boost your reach and maximize your brand’s growth

Advertising on Twitter

Twitter advertising is a way to promote content on the Twitter platform using paid advertisements. Here are the key aspects of Twitter advertising:

- Promoted Ads (formerly Promoted Tweets): These ads look like regular tweets but are displayed to people who don’t already follow the advertiser. They can include text, images, videos, or even curated collections of tweets. Promoted Ads are labeled as “Promoted” and can be liked, retweeted, and commented on. For example, brands like Oreo use Promoted Ads to reach a wider audience.

- Follower Ads (formerly Promoted Accounts): These ads promote an entire Twitter account. They target users who don’t already follow the brand, helping to grow the account’s followers. Follower Ads appear in potential followers’ timelines, Who to Follow suggestions, and search results. They include a “Follow” button and are labeled as “Promoted” .

- Twitter Amplify: This feature allows brands to place pre-roll video ads on content from pre-screened publishers. Amplify sponsorships let you sponsor videos from specific publishers, increasing visibility and engagement. In summary, Twitter advertising enables you to promote tweets, accounts, and videos to a wider audience through real-time bidding. It’s a valuable tool for reaching potential customers and boosting brand visibility on the platform

How to Get Started:

- Select your business objective.

- Choose your target audience.

- Set a budget and pay for what works.

- Measure and optimize your results.

Twitter ads can significantly expand your reach and enhance your social advertising strategy. Incorporate them into your promotional mix to connect with a broader audience!