Web Proxy

Proxy servers provide secure connections, provide personal information, and provide control. The proxy server comes between the ISP and the user, so the ISP has no insight into your data and actions. The proxy server provides protection on all devices, even game consoles, it is reliable in protection when using a public WIFI network. A secure web proxy works for tasks that you could only do in your browser.

This can mean a lot of activities like shopping, paying bills, signing up for social networks and reading emails. A secure web proxy serves as an intermediary between your browser and the Internet. Your web browsing data will pass through a secure tunnel to the Internet directly from your browser, obscuring your IP address so that the web server you are accessing does not know exactly where you are in the world. And that makes it harder for you to track and target. There are several reasons to use a web proxy server as an individual or organization.

As an individual, you can use proxy servers to control and monitor your children’s Internet access. It works by blocking unfavorable sites and locking them out of adult content. Organizations also use proxy servers to restrict and control Internet access. They do this to avoid employees browsing various websites while they are at work. Some advantages of a proxy server: Control Internet access, privacy benefits, access to blocked sites, improved speeds and bandwidth savings, improved security


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