Top-Level Domains

Choosing the right domain extension can affect audience perception and the trust it indicates. There are many different domain extensions used today and here we will list the most important extensions of top-level domains.

.com top level domains is a commercial place with information that provides commercial interest and thus dictates the relationship with the public and the sale of products and services. It is used in most cases and the biggest brands use this domain extension.

.edu represents educational institutions -and this domain is used by educational institutions and has relative credibility

.gov represents the government and provides content and information related to these institutions and can be considered a credible source.

.org represents non-profit organizations. Information as a source must be credible and impartial in accordance with non-profit organizations. A good example is wiki sites that are like online encyclopedias.

.io and .tech represent a specific industry that provides credible technical information or are technology sites.

.me bring some news so they use it with the main domain.

The popular domain extension is to expand local domains or country-level domains to improve customer confidence, signal that you are a local business and that it is easier to do business with you.


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