Create a visual sitemap

Sitemaps provide information about the pages, videos, images, and other files on your site and the relationships between them. Sitemap improves the visibility of your site on all search engines by creating and uploading xml sitemaps. The sitemap of a particular website provides the ability to optimize search engine SEO. Search engines read your sitemaps files for better indexing of the website. Mandatory possession of a sitemap file allows for better search engine coverage.

The two main types of sitemaps are:
  • XML Sitemap - essentially a list of URLs in your website, normally put in a file named "sitemap.xml" or "sitemap_index.xml".
  • Visual Sitemap - a diagram of the pages you want in your website used to communicate the overall structure.
Create sitemaps online using online sitemapping tool and sitemap generator. We have many choices when using these tools, some of which you can try, such as:Slickplan,Writemaps,Flowmapp,Dynomapper


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